Bahia Auto Sales. (619) 422-6240


i loved it when i first came in. with a positive attitude everything went well i love the customer service. thank you everyone for the help.

I just want to say thanks to the Bahia Team for the great customer service.Not only do they sale cars but they make you feel part of the Team Thanks Chimue and Nissim and Mana Edgar and Juanito for the help in my cars....special Thanks To Sr Vicente Toro

Wonderful experience with the staff, if your credit has suffered in this economy, like me, you will be delighted with the opportunity to start again. Thank you!!!

I have a great experience and the Bahia Team!!! is a top excellent 5 stars customer service representatives, They makes you feel like family. Thank You Mario,Misim and Simon for all your help.

To be fair the experience of buying the car from them was both positive and negative.

The positives was that they were fair, they worked with me go get financed, they even picked me up from the airport when I came to pick up my car.

The negative was four months after I bought the car the engine blew(and that is with me keeping up with my maintenance). Now buying a used care, you know you buy as is. However, I bought an extended warranty they offered that claimed to be bumper to bumper. However, in order to pay the warranty policy you have to pay thousands of dollars to tear down an engine and diagnose the obvious; the engine failed. After you pay for the tear down this company reserves the right to deny your claim. Now, I got a beautiful new car with no engine collecting dust in my lot until I save up some dough for a aftermarket engine.

So, long story short; If you buy a car from them stay away from extended warranty. Its a total waste of money!!!!. Put your cash on the down. And as always get your used car checked out by a good mechanic in the first 30 days.

I'd really advise anybody whos looking for a car to stop by Bahia Auto sales.and ask for Nissim. I was literally in the lot for five seconds and they make you feel welcome. Ieave been driving the car and it works perfectly, not like other dealers were you feel like you got cheated after you buy it. Even for a first time buyer Nissim made it very easy and helped us a lot .

I had a great experience at Bahia Auto Sales. Everyone is very helpful and they have you best interest in mind. They work with you in order to help you find the perfect car for you. My over all experience was great. The process was quick and i had myself a new car in no time.